Reflecting Wilderness 
"Windows into the world"
Our diorama boxes are a ode to the old museum dioramas. By creating dioramas with hologram images, we combine physical and virtual reality more or less as Louis Daguerre, the famous 19th century inventor of diorama’s and photography, was trying to do. 
The reflection of the diorama in the floating water drops reminds us of convex mirrors used in art to reflect the invisible or to distort the visible world. Like the photography of Daguerre, it is a mirror with a memory. 
But these water drops float and seem full of life. They are ever-changing when they move slowly in the diorama. Our waterdrops are like an embryo of primordial wilderness, waiting to come into our world again. These reflecting water drops are the beginning of the wilderness. You only have to enter.

Reflecting Wilderness III, wood, glass and mixed media 102 x 186 x 55 cm - 40.2 x 73.2 x 21.7 in 

"Reflecting Wilderness II" presented by Art Advisor Juliette Bouffanet for Opera Gallery Paris