About us
Anke  van Veen was born in Amsterdam. She grew up her first year in a Salvation army children's home. After that she was adopted. She left home at 16 and started an adventurous life traveling the world. She studied drama, literature and worked a 1000 jobs, amongst others as a creative art teacher, drama- and Dutch language teacher and a cook. When she met Dik she fell in love with him and with contemporary art. They have worked together ever since.
Dik Mus was born in a village in the north of the Netherlands. He first studied engineering and philosophy. In search of who knows what, he left home for the America’s. When he was nearly thrown in prison in Mexico for entering a luxury cruise ship as a stowaway, he realised he had drifted too far from himself. He returned to Amsterdam and started his study at the Rietveld art academie. He then met Anke and they have been working together ever since. 
Dik and Anke share a fascination for Pepper's ghost technique (hologram projection) and museum diorama’s, both 19th century techniques for representing the world and thus shaping our ideas about the world around us.  As artists we work with dioramas, photography and 3d software to create new wilderness. With these combined technologies we enlarge the physical miniature worlds we build in our studio to endless landscapes while preserving the complexity and beauty of the tangible nature
Making of "Creating Wilderness'