Video 3 minutes with sculptures yellow rock and green ship - edition of 3
Photo 49 x 34 incl. white border — Unframed, edition of 20
Photo 98 x 68 incl. white border of 4 cm -  framed with museum glass - edition of 5
About this work:
Litharge is the name for lead oxide, if heated with tin oxide you get this bright (poisonous) yellow. In the 17th century led tin yellow was used by famous painters like Rembrandt to resemble gold. 
Litharge also has been historically used in marine paints. It is known for its anti-fouling properties, helping to prevent the growth of marine organisms such as barnacles and algae on the hulls of ships. The use of lead-based paints on ships has been a concern worldwide because of the potential for lead to leach into the marine environment. In recent years, there has been a shift towards using lesser toxic substances in anti-fouling paints to minimize the environmental impact.
About the artists:
Sasja Hagens is an artist painter and a sculptor.  The harbor and its big container ships are a metaphor for vigour, desire and life. Her port theme is about adventure, about loss, and life energy. 
Van Veen & Mus - Anke and Dik - work with dioramas, photography, Peppers ghost projections and 3D software to create their new worlds. With these combined technologies they expand the physical miniature worlds they build in their studio. As Dutch Igloo they made various art installations for museums, including the Rijksmuseum, Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Naturalis and the Dordrechts Museum. Their free work is included in various collections in Amsterdam, London, Paris and Rabat. More information about van Veen & Mus can be found at and insta @vanveenmus
Van Veen & Mus and Sasja Hagens find connection in their search for adventure and freedom. Not to know where your path will lead and to be guided by your own wonder, is the freedom we both encounter when making our work.
The soundscape is created by SEMMUS,  a young and upcoming Dutch talent in the industrial music scene.His sounds echos with the industrial environment of the cargo ships.