Artist duo van Veen & Mus presents: Tears of Theia, a black-and-white video installation and photo series about the beginning of life on Earth. 4.4 billion years ago, the Earth collided with a mass from the outer solar system, called Theia. This is how most of the water on Earth was formed. The series 'Tears of Theia' is a search for the source of life and a tribute to the omnipresent, most beautiful, most valuable and precious element we have on Earth: water. Tears of Theia is the prequel to the earlier series Creating Wilderness by van Veen and Mus.
About Big Art
Big Art takes place from 29 September to 1 October 2023 in the Bajeskwartier. Big Art is a pop-up platform for XL artworks and design objects from established names and emerging talents. Every year, BIG ART lands in a special building in or around Amsterdam, where dozens of galleries and artists fill the spaces with a unique mix of monumental paintings and drawings, large sculptures and photographs, enchanting light artworks and impressive interactive installations.
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