VAN VEEN & MUS: PREMIERE “Water Gems" at SBK Gallery at the KunstRAI Amsterdam  from the 27th March untill  the 1st of April 2024
Artist duo van Veen & Mus presents: "Water Gems", a video installation and photo series about the essences of nature . The Water Gem here presented will be "Water Gem - Sarracenia Obscura", a video and photo featuring  plants like Sarracenia and Orchids and other leaves, their images beautifully reflected in a slowly moving water droplet. This video is part of our new series of work, "Water Gems: Echo of the Essences" 
We invite you to a serene and enchanting world. We hope it provides you with a moment of tranquility and optimism in a world that, now more than ever, may seem chaotic and in need for reflection of the essence of being. 
About KunstRAI
The "KunstRAI" is an annual art fair held in the Rai in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The event provides a platform for contemporary art and design.It's a significant opportunity for art enthusiasts, collectors, and professionals in the art world to discover and experience a wide range of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, photography, and new media.
KunstRAI takes place from 27th March untill 1st of April 2024